Meet Your Coach

My name is Jennifer Collins, and I started Small Jar to help women reignite their power to create what they want in their lives. I discovered self-coaching at a time when I felt stuck and unhappy in my life.  I was overwhelmed and frustrated. Despite being immensely grateful for my family, friends, and my job, I felt I had lost myself to the responsibilities of my children, household, and career. I became resentful. I found myself thinking that I had to wait to find my own happiness. Through self-coaching and the process of becoming a certified life coach, I learned how to take back the power in my life. And the beautiful thing is that I discovered that I did not have to change one thing about my life. The process I teach is one I have applied in my own life to level up my commitment to my work, strengthen my relationships with my husband and children, quit indulgent habits, and launch a new business. Best of all, the process has empowered me to know that I can attain anything I want in my life. This process can also help you reconnect with your own potential and become that version of yourself that you thought was out of reach.

I can't wait to show you.

Why Small Jar?

My mother, sister and I have a regular practice of connecting--by phone, video or in-person--and we call this time our "Small Jar". During our Small Jars, we share our hopes, dreams, fears and frustrations. It's a space filled with unconditional love and support. Throughout my life, I have been blessed to have these two strong women in my life. They have both faced the challenges of their lives with strength and grace. I now have the honor and opportunity to follow in my mother and sister's footsteps and offer other women the strength and power of the "Small Jar".

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