Reignite the possibility of your life

Do you feel gratitude for the gifts in your life, but also sometimes completely unfulfilled? 

As women, our 40s and early 50s offer a roller coaster of circumstances beyond our control. Children growing up and seeking independence. Aging. Navigating the relationship we have with our spouse. Our life up to this point has seemed so clearly defined, and now all of the rules are changing. We have designed our lives to meet our family’s needs, to help our children and partner pursue their goals. It can sometimes feel as if all of our energy is being spent supporting the dreams of others. 

What if the next chapter can be the most incredible of your life?

Have you ever considered that you could stop sacrificing your own needs without ever letting anyone down?  What if you could pursue your own goals, from losing a few pounds and getting to the gym to launching a new business or embarking on an impossible dream? What if you could do this while strengthening your relationships with your children, partner and friends? What if this time in our lives gives us the opportunity to completely redefine who we are? 

Small Jar Life Coaching will show you how.


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