15. Powerlessness. When Your Child Pulls Away.

As we watch our children grow up, we experience so many beautiful emotions. But we can also experience a wide range of challenging emotions—like worry, fear, anxiety, and frustration. When we worry or feel fear, we are typically imagining a negative future outcome that we want to avoid. And when we feel frustration—we are typically looking at a situation and thinking of all of the ways it should be different.

And when we feel this way, we try to control our children.  We try to convince them they’re wrong. That they need to try a little harder. That they need to listen to our advice. But we rarely win. And we are left feeling powerless. And in pain. Constantly worried.  We are literally powerless to end our own pain because we are projecting their pain in the future.  It’s insanity, but we do it to ourselves time and time again. The only way to feel better is to change them—but we can’t change them, so we don’t feel better. 

In this episode, we explore how to find the power to feel better without having to change our children.